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Studio A is our premiere studio and it is a true world class experience! The tier one facility features a stunning Acoustic design and the highest STC ratings possible while maintaining a relaxed and inspiring vibe. You can't help but be inspired / fall in love when you walk into the space. 
The studio features;
  • Large 35 square metre live room (Soundproof to Highest STC)
  • Large 20 square metre control Room (Soundproof to Highest STC)
  • Iso / Vocal booth with Double sliding glass doors (Soundproof to Highest STC)
  • Hearback systems throughout 
  • Dedicated machine room
  • Large Kitchen and Dinning area
  • Lounge area with Flat screen 60" TV and Couch and Sofa beds.
  • 120 year old Upright piano 
  • Vintage SSL console and a collection of stellar Analogue outboard gear
  • Completely private from Studio B.
SSL 6000 E: SSL consoles have mixed more platinum selling records than all other consoles combined, they have shaped the sound of almost every notable recording in the last 30 years and they are the centre piece of many serious studios around the world. The SSL sound Is a present and punchy sound that defined Rock and Pop and dominated hip hop records. Today some of the most notable names in mixing such as Chris & Tom Lorde Alge, Bob Clearmountain, Michael Brauer, Spike Stent, Manny Marroquin and more continue to push the envelope thanks to SSL.
Our studio features a very famous SSL 6048 E/G+ Console. The console from Metropolis Audio, this is the actual console that mixed "Whispering Jack" Album for John Farnham which is still the biggest selling Australian Album of all time in Australia, aside from that it's seen; INXS, Cold Chisel, Diesel, Delta Goodrem, Savage Garden, Thirsty Merc, Tina Arena, Ian Moss, Powderfinger, Spiderbait and many more pass through it's faders. It's even worked on projects with visiting international artists such as Dave Grohl, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi & Sir Paul McCartney.
The 6000 series is the same as a 4000 series in every way (in-fact channels are completely interchangeable and all the channel, sub boards and master section cards are identical, the only difference is the 6000 has an extra 6 mono or 3 stereo mix buses in an entirely seperate added 6000 master module. This adds these mix buses before the famous quad bus which makes the 6000 an extremely sought after version of the SSL. Michael Brauer invented his 'Brauerize' technique on a 6000 which was one of the first uses of multi-bus compression. 

Our ssl console has been lovingly restored and completely recapped to be one of the only fully functioning examples of a vintage SSL anywhere in the world. Our SSL also features a modern Atomic Instruments power supply with a special custom made plasma meter supply (Just for us). Our Atomic lowers the noise floor (and SSL noise floors are already extremely low) and it increases the consoles headroom an amazing 14db, while also reducing power consumption to just 20% of the original power consumption figures. It's also calibrated using precision meters to be 5x closer than the original SSL spec to the exact voltages required by the rails resulting in the even cleaner audio.
AN AUSTRALIAN FIRST. Our studio features the first Tangerine automation system in the country. This amazing system replaces the SSL's automation computer and allows the entire consoles settings to be remembered by a new version of SSL's total recall which allows fast and accurate session recall down to 0.1db accuracy.  This unique system also allows the SSL's faders, solo's and mutes to be automated, through a dedicated plugin or as HUI emulation. So you can now automate the DAW's faders from the console and they will play back to the console (In HUI mode) or you can record and playback automation to and from the console via the plugin, keeping the automation in its own dedicated lane in any DAW. You can even control the DAW transport controls via the SSL'S keyboard and even view the total recall screens on any mobile device connected to our network.

This is a game changer because you can automate the SSL the same as you would any other plugin inside your favourite DAW without the need to learn complex commands or learn a new system, Making SSL automation accessible to all engineers. Our Studios by default use the industry standard PRO TOOLS HDX but also have both Logic and Ableton. 
Come experience for yourself what we believe is one of the finest Studio's in the world.
We are happy to give you a tour anytime (Tours by appointment only)


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