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Studio B is located on the Ground floor and is our 2nd World class recording studio in the building. It's has a more intimate feel than Studio A and is a little smaller in overall size, but don't let that fool you the studio is a powerhouse! Just as well equipped as It's bigger brother, The studio is perfect for tracking bands live with 2 Live rooms and an iso booth. The design of the space allows for an unparalleled level of separation whilst still maintaining complete visual communication between the 3 tracking areas. Studio B features the same Incredible acoustic design and construction to the upstairs studios. Like Studio A, The studio combines the best in Analogue outboard and features another beautiful console in the Melcolm Toft designed Trident series ATB inline Recording Console. It also takes the same approach of combining the latest in digital recording and automation with vintage and analogue gems.
  • Control Room with Floating Floors and Amazing Outboard and Trident designed console.
  • 2 Medium to large sized Live rooms (Soundproof to Highest STC)
  • Large Iso / Vocal Booth 
  • Foyer / Lounge area
  • Kitchenette for Tea and Coffee
  • Production warehouse

Studio B was the original studio at our Varsity Lakes, commercial location. Before we took ownership of the studio late 2015 it was Known as LUNA Audio and was already a well known  and much loved studio space on the Gold Coast, In fact I Visited the studio on several occasions and like many others fell in love with the space. In 2015 when the Studio became available for sale it was a natural choice for us to take over the space. We always planned to keep the existing studio as is and just improve upon the legacy luna had built" Qsound Owner and Head Engineer Scott Cameron.
The studio B space has hosted artists for major labels such as Universal, Warner & Sony as well as many Independents and continues to provide the goods on a daily basis. 
Toft "Trident series" ATB 32. Studio B is home to our Toft ATB 32. The console is designed by legendary Trident designer Malcolm Toft and features the same EQ circuit designs as the original Trident 80B console. Aptly named the "ATB" playing on the phonetic sound of the original '80B" the Toft ATB is a powerful in-line Analogue console with the same large format design and layout of the original. For those who are unfamiliar with the Trident brand, Trident consoles were born out of the famous Trident Studios in the UK. When Neve didn't make a console to suit the needs of the studio Malcolm Toft the head technician for the studio decided to make their own. The legend of Trident was born. The Console featured one of the most musical sounding EQ's, which is where it really shines, This EQ can make anything sound great with a few simple turns of the knobs. Trident consoles became legendary when bands like Queen and David Bowie recorded on them. The Toft ATB was released in the 2000's and borrowed most of its design from the original 80B. It does feature updated circuitry allowing the console to be cleaner than the original while still retaining the sound of the legend.  The original Toft in the studio was decommissioned in 2017 and a new one commissioned in it's place. While they look the same the new one features Version 3 upgrades in better faders and improved preamps and meter bridge switching. Ours is further modified to increase the headroom and improve crosstalk and lower the noise floor.
Come visit Studio B today. 
Book a tour by visiting the Contact us page (Tours by appointment only)


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