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Meet the talented team of producers and engineers that keep the wheels turning at QSOUND Studios. 
We have many other talented team members across our Cinematography and Concert Production departments but below, we would like to shed a spotlight onto the talented engineers (That often prefer to remain behind the desks)


Scott Cameron

Owner | Head Engineer | Mix Engineer | Matering Engineer | Producer | Musician

Scott Cameron is the Captain of our ship with years of experience working on Platinum and Gold selling records for Major artists / labels & independents. He's been nicknamed "Golden ears" and aside from the Mix career. He's also known as one of the finest Guitarists in Australia.

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Michael Campbell

Producer | Engineer | Mix & Mastering Engineer

Michael comes to us from interstate working in Studio's in Melbourne for many years. He is exceptionally skilled in Metal and Hardcore genre's and its a fantastic engineer & Producer with a long list of credits.

scot web.jpeg

Scot Rose

Producer | Engineer 

Scot is a talented engineer who always brings out the best in the Artists he works with. People always feel completely comfortable in Scots capable hands


Grant Carruthers

Producer | Engineer | Mix Engineer | Session Musician

Grant is a skilled producer, Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist and song writer. His friendly personality puts clients at ease while his skill as a musician and producer enables him to get the best out of the Artists he works with.


Maddy Breen

Producer | Engineer | Musician

Maddy is a talented engineer who is infectious to be around. She is a sensational song writer and producer with exceptional song craft abilities and she's a skilled multi instrumentalist.


Jordan Bain

Producer | Engineer | Mix & Mastering Engineer

Jordan is a gifted engineer who's work on Alternative rock and pop genre's is second to none. Another fine Mix engineer Jordan is skilled in finding the life of a song.

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Want to Join the team?

Team Members Wanted.

Do you have what it takes to join the Qsound team? Drop us a line today to start your Qsound journey.

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