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Rehearsal Studios

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How many times have you rehearsed in a studio where you have to compete with the band next doors loud and questionably pitched versions of 'Stairway To Heaven' or 'Working Class Man?' or been distracted by the continuous flapping of under-loved speakers? or perhaps disillusioned by not sounding your best in a poorly isolated room, you know the ones that seemed to just suck the life out of everything because the owner thought to line the place with carpet or underlay foam on the walls would be "Real" soundproofing? (It’s not)
or perhaps you have sat staring down the barrel of a Chinese sm58 that feedbacks like a bitch on a mic stand with the flaccid flops?

Issues we have all faced time and time again in other rehearsal spaces or  "Studios" well no more...

Qsound rehearsal studios are the very same live rooms 1 and 2 used in our world-class STUDIO B recording studio, check out information page on Studio B to find out about these amazing rooms. Designed and treated to be the best sounding rooms. These incredible spaces are fully soundproof with floating walls, floor & ceilings. Construction information is located on the studio page. These rooms are tuned to allow a flat response with no crazy frequencies or lost frequencies but still retain a natural live feel.
They simply sound amazing. A large part of what sets our studio apart is the incredible live room treatments which you can now experience for your next rehearsal. 


The rooms are clean, refined and feature beautiful aesthetics like Rustic Walnut wooden floors and visually pleasing designs to the clouds, grids and baffles.

The equipment is extremely well maintained and all Industry standard, no Chinese knock-offs here and no flaccid mic stands!. The standard rehearsal room setup includes 4x SM58 or equivalent mics (Most have a Sm58s, Beta 58s or Rode M1s) with 4 boom stands, an 8-16 ch mixer, Fx rack, power amp & 2x Yamaha 15" & Horn 1000w RMS speakers

Extras like powered foldback can also be supplied on request (12" Proel concert series active or even high-end EAW 15" actives) We can also supply more mics and stands as required and as we are a production company also can help supply things like wireless In-ear monitor packs and ear-buds on request.


We can also supply backline such as amps and drum kits if required.



Take your rehearsals to the next level.

Rehearsal sessions are 3 or 4 hours standard fees are $60 for 3-hours and $80 for 4-hour sessions 

(longer or shorter can be arranged just email or txt 0403 021 318)



Standard Rehearsals include;

  • Free tea & coffee

  • Vending machines for snacks, soft drink and coffee

  • Free WIFI

  • Professional industry standard PA equipment, constantly maintained.

  • 4-5 industry standard mics with boom stands

  • 10-14 ch mixer with either onboard DSP FX or an external FX rack, (Dynacord in Studio B, Soundcraft in A)

  • Poweramp with tones of headroom

  • 2x Yamaha 1000w 15" & Horn speakers.



EXTRAS backline hire

  • Drum Kit 5 piece (PDP with Evans heads) + Meinl Cymbals pack + backrest throne -  $30 per session

  • Extra mic including boom stand  - $5 each mic

  • Bass head hire (Vintage Peavey) - $15 per session

  • Bass Cab (4x10) hire - $15 per session

  • Guitar Amp (Line 6 ax212) -  $20 per session

  • Powered 12" and horn 300w floor monitor wedge -  $30 per session

  • Sennheiser G3 IEM RACK (4 belt packs and 4 channels with 4 IEM buds) - Price on enquiry

  • Stingray Bass and Fender USA Strat/Tele or Gibson Les Pauls  - Price on enquiry

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