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Aside from the extensive collection below we have partnerships with major Backline suppliers so we can source ANY requested Drum Kit or AMP.

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All studios Microphones

1x TG Chandler EMI Abbey Road Microphone.
      (Has both fet 47 modes and Chandler voicing as well as the loved TG chandler tape EQ built in)

1x Neumann U89 i (vintage 1992) 

1x Neumann U87 i (vintage 1994) 

1x Neumann TLM103 (vintage 1998) 
2x Neumann KLM 184 

2x AKG C414 XL II

4x Jeanne Audio u87 hand wired 1:1 clones 

1x OPR 87 (Ultimate Mod)

1x Warm Audio U47 

1x OPR 4038 Mod Rocket Ribbon (very close to a Coles 4038 sonically)

1x Royer R10

2x Vanguard Audio Lolli SDC

2x Rode M5

3x Sennheiser MD421 II 
1x Sennheiser Vintage MD 421 (White with tuchel connector to XLR)

1x Sennheiser e906

1x Shure Sm7b

2x Rode NTK

6x Shure Sm57

2x Shure Beta 57

1x blue microphones Bluebottle 

1x AT2020

2x Audix D6

1x AKG D112 
1x Beta 91a

2x Yamaha Ns10 subkicks 

5x Shure Sm58

2x Shure Beta58

1x Ev Nd257

1x Ev Nd737

2x Evp277 pencil condensers 

3x Rode m2 





  • Fender pro Jnr (Modified tubes and Bias)

  • Vox AC15

  • Line 6 Ax212 (2x12, original and best sounding line 6)


  • Ashdown Evo II bass head

  • Peavey 1972 Bass head 

  • 4x10 Hartke Cab

  • 4x10 Ashdown cab 



Drum kits 

  • PDP main stage Birch 5 piece (22 kick- 10, 12, 16 Tom’s and 14x 5 snare) 

  • Menial HCS cymbal pack (hats, Ride, crash, splash) 

  • Billy Hide pawn shop kit 

  • Pearl EXP 5 piece Kit (22 kick- 10, 12, 16 Tom’s and 14x 5 snare) 

  • Zildjian Cymbals pack  (hats, Ride, crash, Crash) 




  • fender custom shop 40th anniversary 54 strat 

  • Fender custom SBC Signature 57 strat 

  • Fender Custom SBC road worn signature 

  • Fender strat USA white

  • Fender strat roadwarn Deluxe Candy apple strat 

  • G&L commache 

  • Gibson 120th anniversary Custom Les Paul 

  • Gibson Dark Fire Les Paul 

  • Gibson First Production Run Robot Les Paul

  • Rickenbacker 330

  • Maton 325 

  • Maton custom shop Buddy Holly Story acoustic made to match Gibson J-45

  • Takamine Acoustic 

  • Fender acoustic 

  • Cort 12 string acoustic

  • Musician man sterling stingray bass 

  • Fender jazz bass 


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